• Woolies


Woolies are our very own balls of felted wool for the dryer. Handmade at Enchanted Valley Studios, Woolies offer a simple way to care for your clothes, your body, and the environment.

Available in 2 package sizes, each order will contain an assortment of hues and/or patterns. Colors may vary according to what is available.

Advantages over dryer sheets:

  • Increases dryer efficiency
  • Decreases drying time
  • Decreases static electricity naturally
  • Softens clothes naturally

As you make positive changes and transition from commercial dryer sheets to Woolies, the following 2 steps are recommended.

1. Gently scrub your dryer vent screen with hot soapy water until water runs through it.
2. Clean the surface of your dryer's moisture sensor according to your product manual.

Directions for use:

1. Use INSTEAD of dryer sheets.
2. Use 4 to 6 Woolies depending on the amount of clothing you are drying.
3. Remove lint from dryer vent screen before each use.
4. To further prevent static electricity, remove clothes as soon as they are dry - synthetic fabrics like polyester & fleece dry more quickly than cotton & other natural fabrics.
5. Woolies are hand wound & felted and may develop "pills" with use. You may carefully trim or remove with a fabric shaver.