Care Philosophy

By the Sea

Enchanted Valley Studios seeks to encourage and facilitate Care for Self, Care for Others, and Care for Our Earth.

My passion lies in helping others live more thoughtfully and intentionally, with courage and hope.

Just as we cannot survive very long without adequate food and water, we cannot continue to function well without tending to our minds and souls.

I encourage you to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health so you can more effectively care for others.


The Dalai Lama promotes the idea that inner peace is critical for health and well-being. He also advises that one way to achieve that peace is through compassion for others.

The Bible calls us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted and forgiving, and to bear one another's burdens.

Even the traditional Golden Rule suggests that we treat others as we wish to be treated.

No matter the belief system, deep inside us there is a desire to care for others. To form relationships. To love, and to be loved.



My goals are -

  • to offer the opportunity for you to practice Care in all of these areas
  • to encourage you to accept your whole self and live life as your best you
  • to provide products that bring beauty to your surroundings, joy to your heart, and peace to your soul
  • to offer you a way to help others globally through my Fair Trade partnerships
  • to be a good steward of the earth
  • to give back locally by donating 10% of all sales to Hope And A Future, an Intergenerational Community non-profit organization (see the link below)