In The Beginning

     Enchanted Valley Studios is settled atop a hill at the end of a very long
and winding course, aptly named Enchanted Valley Road.

     This street begins as a bit of an afterthought, as if it started
out a small trail; an offshoot of the main thoroughfare across the plains. I
imagine that it was forged by adventuresome travelers as they settled
throughout the Midwest, in search of an adequate plot of land to claim as their
own. I suppose that others followed, stopping here and there to dot the
countryside with their new barns and homesteads. I envision the worn earth
gradually becoming a dirt road, with parallel ruts that deepened as the passage
grew longer and more frequently traversed; a single lane that meandered
through trees and across prairies, over steep hills and through muddy ravines.

     The trees, fields, hills and valleys are ever present, but the road is paved
now. It's wide enough for two cars to pass in most parts, and still meanders over
the land in twists and turns, ups and downs.

     Enchanted Valley Studios was established near the end of this 6 mile
journey, a place that was once home to horses, chickens, and a barn cat named
Mayo. It has a 360 degree view of the horizon past faraway ridges and bluffs.
The sun seems to rise a little earlier here, and set a little later; nights are a little
darker and the stars a little brighter.

     It is here that I draw life and breath. My few acres on the hill provide a
space for me to breathe fresh air, follow clouds across an endless sky, and listen
to a symphony of singing birds, chirping crickets, and dancing leaves.

     I think it's easier to be creative here, in this environment. The opportunities
seem endless, and I am so thankful for that. The natural beauty that surrounds
me inspires everything I make and do, how I live. I am incredibly fortunate, and I
want to share that good fortune with you - through my blogs, my photos, my
natural soaps, and so much more. I want to make a difference, to be a positive
influence, and to help facilitate change in the world.

     Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

     Join me, will you? Let's do this together.

With hope,

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